TAI TAI FON Foods Co. Ltd.

Taitaifon Food Co., Ltd. is good at develop various flavors of All in one instant sauce
All in one's instant sauce does not require any additional seasoning, just one tablespoon and three minutes to serve!

Asian-style cuisine in Thailand, because of the influence of the Chinese (Chaozhou people), has developed many Chaozhou-style Thai dishes, such as fried tapao pork, fried shrimp paste water spinach, fried curry crab, fried kway teow, etc. These are classic dishes that are well-known, and these are actually Chinese tastes.

Ingredients and sauces are the soul of cooking

Especially the sauce made of fresh herbs, and rich aroma are unparalleled!

Cooking teacher Laura has taught cooking for more than 20 years, especially good at South Asian dishes, and there are many students.

Teacher Laura uses the herbs grown in her own farm and cooks with Asian flavors to produce a convenient sauce that does not require any additional seasoning. What "Tai Tai Fon" provides is『Natural and non-toxic, one tablespoon and three minutes to serve』sauce

From teach cooking to producing products, and then selling on the shelves,
"Tai Tai Fon" insists that it must be natural and has no additives, and purchases non-toxic raw materials locally to implement「Friendly to the Earth and Good to Taiwan」

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